Natural Cure For Hernia That You Can Do On Your Own At Home

natural cure for hernia
Jun 07 2018
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Having lump or swelling under the surface of your skin sure is not comfortable. If it is hernia, it can be extremely painful. Since it can cause deadly condition, medical treatment would be strongly advised without doubt.

However, there are several treatments that can be used as the natural cure for hernia. If your hernia is not severe yet, they should help. Let us tell you two best options we’ve got to take care of the problem here. Not to mention, they should be easy to obtain around us too.
natural cure for hernia

So, how to treat hernia without surgery? Natural cure for hernia can be as simple as making castor seed oil pack or drinking aloe vera juice. But, each ingredient has things that can reduce the pain.

Placing Castor Seed Oil Pack On the Area

natural remedies for hernia
Since hernia commonly happens on the abdomen, using this natural ingredient should help. Castor seed oil is pretty much known for being effective remedy for all sorts of stomach health issues.

This home remedy for hernia works by making thin lining to coat the stomach with. That way, this oil can prevent the inflammation, while encouraging good digestion. With such ability, castor seed oil should be able to soothe the pain you feel caused by hernia. To use it, you can simply make a pack of this oil here and place it on the abdomen.

Drinking Aloe Vera Juice Before the Meal

home remedy for hernia
Home remedy is not something that is applied on the affected area only. You can make something out of natural ingredient to eat or drink to do the job from inside as well. The other hernia home-treatment we suggest here is by drinking aloe vera juice.

It has been widely known that aloe vera is anti-inflammatory compound. It acts as good soothing agent too. That is why drinking it should do the work to lower the development of hernia. As suggestion, it is best to drink the juice prior every meal.