How Often Should You Dye Your Hair and How to Care for It Properly

how often should you dye your hair
Jul 10 2018
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One of the ways to make new look on yourself is to dye your hair. However, just how often should you dye your hair actually? Surely, there is proper way to do it. If you do the opposite of it, you have to bear with the consequence of course.

Also, just because you are dyeing your hair, it does not mean that you should put less care to the health of your hair. Don’t focus on the look only! Your hair still needs to be treated properly.

How long should you wait before coloring your hair again typically takes 4 to 6-week interval. During the cooling off period, it is necessary to care for the hair with moisturizers. If you intend to dye your hair soon, remember these things below.

The Cooling Off Period in Between the Colorings

how long between hair coloring
Let us tell you that it is a big no to color your hair right after the other. There is obviously a need to space between colorings. It is because constant colorings can make your hair dry and weak. That being said, it is not like you can’t dye your hair at all.

The time interval of dyeing hair should last from 4 to 6 weeks. Alternatively, you can just follow the instructions on your coloring kit. It knows how long it would be best to space from one coloring to another. So, don’t ignore it since it is important.

Strengthening Your Hair During the Said Interval

how long should you wait to dye your hair again
Now that you know how important it is to give space in between colorings, you need to learn just what we have to do during the interval. Giving the time for the hair to rest is the purpose, but we should make good use of the time too to revitalize your hair.

That is why we need to use good conditioning products. If you use such product in weekly basis, it is guaranteed that you can get to accelerate the recovery process. Now, you know how you should dye your hair and treat it properly.