Highly Fatal but Common Animal Diseases and Symptoms to Know Of

common animal diseases and symptoms
Jun 23 2018
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Are you taking good care of your animals? Just like humans, animals are living beings that can get sick as well. However, since they can’t talk, we should be the one trying to understand any of their discomfort as their owner. There are many common animal diseases and symptoms to know about.

However, you need to know that even common ones can be highly fatal. Let us tell you some examples of such disease to be aware about. It is if you truly care about the animals that you own. Common farm animal diseases could be fatal and cause death eventually. Anthrax and Black Quarter are only some of the kind. Now, let’s just get down to it and see below.

Anthrax – the Highly Infectious One on Cattle

common animal diseases
Surely, you must have been familiar with the name of this disease. Despite being common, it is pretty dangerous, indeed. Caused by Bacillus anthracis, it is what makes acute mortality in ruminants, like cow, sheep, or deer. The bacteria produce potent toxins and causes sudden death within 3 days only.

Common but fatal diseases in animals are worth to learn. Anthrax is shown with animal trembling, breathing difficulty, and bloody discharge mainly. See if yours show these as well. You might still be able to save your animals.

Black Quarter – the Acute, Bacterial Disease

cause of common farm animal diseases
The next one is none other than this one here. It is more than just highly infectious. After all, it is an acute one. This disease is common because it is soil-borne infection that usually happens during rainy season. Even this one is common, infectious disease in livestock, like buffaloes, sheep, goats and the kind.

Its symptoms include fever, appetite loss, depression, rapid pulse, difficult breathing, hot and painful swelling, prostration then death, etc. Pay more attention to your animal’s health then. Don’t take common disease too lightly.