Almond Oil For Lips And Its Benefits

Almond Oil For Lips And Its Benefits
May 15 2018
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Almond Oil For Lips And Its BenefitsAlmond oil with all of the substances that it has, you know it provides you with many benefits, and one of them is its benefit for lips. Almond oil has vitamin E for protecting your lips from any damage that is caused by sun, and it can prevent your lips from aging.

Vitamin B12 is another almond oil property that is responsible to hinder cracked skin that you mostly found on the corners of the mouth and many others. Knowing many benefits of almond oil for lips, if you feel like you have problem like chapped lips or perhaps you simply want to add protection so then your lips stay moist, this option sounds like a good idea. Though this may be not the only way, but you can choose almond oil balm for lips.

Getting yourself almond oil for lips, fortunately, you can find them many in its marketplace. Not to mention, you will find almond oil balm that contains with only almond oil and one that is mixed with another ingredients that make the balm even better to protect your lips.

Another way to access almond oil balm, if you have extra time, more if you prefer something that is homemade, you can make your very own almond oil balm, you need only to prepare;

  1. Shea butter/milk, you can choose one of them
  2. Honey
  3. Almond oil.

Mix evenly the ingredients above. Apply the mixture regularly onto your lips at least thirty minutes orĀ  you can let the mixture stays there overnight.

Almond oil balm is not the only solution to handle unhealthy lips. You can as well apply almond oil scrub to your lips. No need to buy it, as you can make it by your own by combining the same amount of sugar and almond oil. By the help of toothbrush, brush your lips gently. Either you use almond oil as balm or as scrub, keep in mind that the almond oil that you use should be sweet almond oil. You know, almond oil for lips is not for everyone.

Even though, almond oil contains excellent natural ingredients, but still some people have low tolerance toward almond oil that leads to allergy. Therefore, it is recommended that before deciding of using almond oil, check first whether your skin gives allergic reaction when you apply almond oil or not.

If you are sure that you have no experience allergic reaction, then, you can continue the idea about using almond oil to make your skin has healthier look than before.